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Homeowner dues are payable monthly and due on the 1st of each month. If you wish to establish a monthly checking account draft contact Brent or Lesa at 918-333-3500 or send an email to: 
Monthly dues: $185.00
When: 1st of each month
Payable to: Gramercy Lofts Homeowners Association
How do I know what I am supposed to insure on my condo Unit Owner's policy?
A portion of your dues, $40 monthly / $480 annually, provides for insurance on common elements and certain limited common elements as described in the covenants. "The Association shall obtain and maintain insurance...with respect to any condominium buildings, common elements, and limited common elements for the full insurable replacement cost."
This basically means, the shared elements such as the 1st floor Clubhouse and gym, the pool area, the grounds and limited common elements such as exterior elements, roof, exterior, yard lights, fence, irrigation, driveways, sidewalks, patios and so on.
Here is a synopsis of insurance responsibility:
Association                                Individual Unit Owners
Foundations                                     Interior wall finishes & paint
Common utilities                              Plumbing fixtures & mechanical systems
Clubhouse & pool                             Cabinets, moldings, stairs, flooring, interior lights
Exterior brick, stone,stucco               Kitchen appliances, hot water, furnace, a/c
Roof shingles, exterior paint               Countertops, tile, hardwood floor, carpet
Drives, patios, sidewalks                    Door hardware, cabinet & bath hardware
This list is not meant to be fully descriptive. Refer to covenants for complete language regarding insurance requirements. In summary, your dues of $185.00 monthly include a $40 monthly charge for the Association portion of insurance. You will need to obtain Unit Owner coverage on your specific unit for the interior and other stipulated items per the covenants. Your Unit Owner policy would typically include the following elements
1. Personal Property
2. Loss of use
3. Liability
4. Building Property (interior)
Schedule of Gramercy Lofts Homeowners Association Expenses & Dues:
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